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fucking rad

last nite ripped a lotta ass. we played a pretty sick set so people say...i accidentally knocked a ceiling tile out of the ceiling...shit haha. next time i drop by sound idea i'll give bob a few tiles if i can manage to steal some from my school..haha. Damage Deposit was insane. But not enough circle pit. so today i talked to kenny and talked a little know you know. We got some stuff in the works if you know what i mean. People took some pictures from the show and they'll probably be up on brandon scene in a few days so look out for that and later we'll also have em up on the site so look out for that too. Well...fucking school tomorrow. Bad Eating Habits shall rip blake high school a new asshole...ok well maybe not but we may break a few ceiling tiles..and steal a couple pencil sharpeners....and clog the toilets up with paper towels...because thats all we know how to do.

P.S. if we were wolvarines...we would totally rip your fucking faces off --dAN
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